About Olive You

Hey y'all!

My name is Amanda Henry and I have wanted to open a boutique for about as long as I can remember.  I figured now is the time to stop dreaming about it and follow through with it!! I worked in retail for several years and helped many a friend with their wardrobes during that time. I would say my heart is happiest when helping people feel confident and stylish in their attire.

I named the boutique after my fun, ornery great-grandmother, Olive, and also after my fun, ornery little Boston Terrier, who is also named Olive. I have fun memories of simple times at Granny Olive's quaint home in Pryor, OK.  She'd cheat at Old Maid against all the grandkids when we'd go for a summer visit.  She was spicy!  I loved swinging on her screened in porch as a kid.  I have memories of holding on for dear life as she drove me and my cousins around in her "too large for her" car, where she could barely see over the steering wheel.  I'm pretty certain my love for vintage things came from fond memories of her...her kitchen table, and the dishes that sat on it, and the quilts on the little twin bed I slept in when I visited.  My love for vintage things also sparked a love for vintage fashion.  I remember wearing my Memaw's clothes from the 60s in high school. That love for vintage fashion turned into a love for unique fashion styles.  I guess I've always loved to express myself through clothing!

Some other things I LOVE are...Jesus, my supportive family and friends, big hair AND earrings, classic country music (but also 90s rap), bell bottoms, chocolate chip cookies, fringe and tassels, pecan pie, cowboy boots, margaritas and junking (actually at the same time in Warrenton, TX)...and TACOS, who doesn't love tacos?!  My hope for Olive You is to offer unique and custom finds from vendors that I love and support, in and out of TX, as well as offer some of my favorite styles in clothing.  And, my goal is to have you, be YOU!  I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, and I will gladly help you out! 

Peace, love and OLIVES...