Jolene Tee

Jolene Tee

You can have him!  Super soft Bella canvas bleached distressed tee. Cute with bells. Cute with cutoffs. Cute with boots, because...Dollly!

ATTENTION: Please wash the "bleached" tees before ironing or exposure to heat, this will rinse off any bleach residue.  If heat is applied, the bleach spots will turn yellow.  They have been tested to ensure that the bleach will not transfer to other materials...but as a precaution, keep contact with other materials to a minimum.  Humidity or moisture in the air could reactivate the bleaching effects. 

Sizing:  Unisex sizing

Small- 2/4, Medium- 6/8, Large- 10/12

$5.00 standard shipping; enter ship code 'PUGUNTER' for FREE local Gunter, TX, porch pickup

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